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Labradoodle and Goldendoodle Info
The English
Labradoodle Puppies and Goldendoodle are great
family dogs. They love kids but will also be good protection.
Labradoodle Puppies and Goldendoodles seem to have all the
good quality's of an English Lab or English Golden Retriever and
standard poodle combined. They are a very fun loving dog and so
far most of our
Labradoodle Puppies and Goldendoodles have just
been in love with water. They are just like their mommas with the
water. One day Joy went down to the lake and jumped right in and
when she popped back up had a huge bass in her mouth! Wish I
could fish as good. They are low shedding to no shedding. Very
good for people with allergies. Great personality will bring your
family years of enjoyment.
Feel free to call me for more doodle info. We have been doing this
for several years.
We strive to breed quality not quantity.
We use English labs which make  better
Labradoodle Puppies and Goldendoodle puppies.
Our puppies are raised on 2 acres of land. Located in
Jacksonville, FL. They have room to grow and
experience new things.
The puppies are also raised around kids which will
make them great family dogs. We handle them from day
one to get them ready for there new families.
Most of them love water. We provide them with a
swimming area and lessons in the summer.
We never kennel our dogs they are given the best in
life. They are given top quality food and have 2 acres
to do what they love to do.
We do not breed our dogs every heat.
They are given breaks in litters. Our top priority is
the health of our animals.

Visit our sires and dams page to see our mother
and father dogs.
Click Here
All puppies come with
A certificate of health
Deworming every 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks
First set of shots
2 yr health guarantee
Starter packet of food

Check out the great dog food we use for our
puppies. Click on the picture below.
Last updated August Feb 17 2014
love the lake
the lake where the dog love to play and catch fish
Our puppies have plenty of room
to grow and learn new things.
the dogs love it here
Our English Labradoodles
and English
Goldendoodles are excellent
family dogs. We have gotten so
many comments on
the ease of
training and temperament of
these wonderful dogs. We put
our heart and soul into raising
these sweet little puppies.
labs, labradoodle puppies, labradoodle breeders
labs,  puppies, labradoodle breeders
labs, labradoodle puppies, labradoodle breeders
labs, labradoodle puppies, labradoodle breeders
We offer pet sitting for all our doodle owners.
If you have to go out of town and need us to
take care of your pets. We love seeing the
doodles again and they like to get to play with
their parents and other family members.

It's a great experience for them!
labs, labradoodle puppies, labradoodle breeders
labs, labradoodle puppies, labradoodle breeders
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labs, labradoodle puppies, labradoodle breeders
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labs,  puppies, labradoodle breeders
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labs,  puppies, labradoodle breeders
labs,  puppies, labradoodle breeders
Beautiful English Labradoodle Puppies and
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